Updating number columns in Master Project board with sums from Individual Project Board

I have an individual project board that will track tasks of a single project and keep track of periodic payments received throughout the project. Payments are not being collected at each step, just a few.

I also have a Master Board containing a list of all projects that have individual boards. I’d like this master board to contain the total dollar amount collected throughout the lifetime of the project but I do not want to have to leave my individual board to update the total column.

Perhaps I’m over thinking it or it just isn’t possible but I’d like the following to happen with the correct columns:

When I put a $ amount in the number column associated with a particular task on my Individual Project board, I’d like it to add to the amount already displayed in the “Collected TD (to date)” column on my Master Project Board.

Is this possible? If so, what do you recommend I do to accomplish this?

Hi Carrie,

The “out-of-the-box” solution for this is to use a connect_boards and mirror column and make sure all your items in your project board are selected in the connect_boards column. If you now mirror the column that holds the amount in the project board, the master board will show the sum (by default). Because this column is a mirror column (not a native number) column it can’t be used in other automations and formulas.

Another option is tu use the Rollup Multiple Boards app. A full instruction video how that apps works can be found here.

Thank you for your suggestions. For the out-of-the-box suggestion, although I’ve added connect_boards column and mirror_column to my Individual project board and connected every item/individual task to the Master board main item/project, it’s not allowing me to accrue in the Number column on the Master project board. Am I missing a step, @basdebruin ?

Hi @Carrie - when you setup the connect board between your master board and other boards did you set it as a two-way connection? This is important depending on where you created the connect board column from.


If so, you should just be able to create a mirror column and select the number column as @basdebruin mentioned.


@mark.anley Thank you very much for your suggestion. Yes, I have made it a two way connection and it seems to be working fine. But my need extends beyond this step. Let me try to better explain…

On my Master Board that is collecting this ($ Collected) amount, the previous number typed in gets replaced with the new $ amount typed in. This is okay with me but I do need to know the ($ Collected YTD).

Can you or @basdebruin help me create a Formula column that will take the new ($ Collected) amount and add it to the existing amount in the ($ Collected YTD) column?

Much appreciated,

hi @Carrie

Unfortunately this is not an easy task in monday. You can’t create a formula like {formula}+{new} that would take the current value and add the new value. Difficult to come up with a suggestion without having the full picture of your boards setup.