Developers Plan

Does monday provide free plans for developers to create apps? Free plan has no possibility to create something as it’s forbidden to use automations or integrations even if it’s custom app created by myself. As for now I have to create new account every two weeks (free trial unlocks access to pro plan for 14 days) just to test my apps.

What about create Developers Plan which unlocks access to all features monday provides with some limitations, let’s say 1 user, 10 boards and 100 items per account?

Actually there’s a Developer plan.
Instructions on how to sign up for a free Developer account are available in documentation at

Oh, I didn’t see it, thanks!
Could you please tell me how does it differ from free plan? As I can see it doesn’t provide access to automations & integrations.

I don’t know the differences between the Free and the Developer plans.
AFAICS in my dev account I can install integrations and automations.

Thank you! I’ve signed up for dev account but was forcibly switched to pro plan free trial. So I can check this out in two weeks.