Introducing monday dev

Hi community, I’m Rebecca and I’m part of the monday dev team.
We are very excited to present you monday dev, the #1 product development software for teams to manage their entire agile product lifecycle - in one place.

With monday dev, product teams can manage their bugs backlog, plan sprints, build roadmaps, house and sync all their tools and communication in one place, while tracking everything with burndown charts.
We want to hear from you, do you have any questions or feedback about monday dev?
Add it here in the thread or make your own post.


Here is a sneak peek:

How can I get started with the template? That link doesn’t help. I choose get started, it has me sign in again then nothing.

Hi Calum,
Thanks for your interest in monday dev!

Since monday dev is a new product, to get started you need to create an account at this link. You get 14 days free trial, so you can check it out and see if it fits your needs.

If you are already a monday user, you should be able to find monday dev on the switcher next to your profile picture > explore more products > select monday dev

If you don’t see monday dev in the switcher, please contact support.

Thank you for your response Rebecca!

What do you mean by the “switcher”? Can you send a screenshot?
From the menu that expands from my profile picture there is no option for “explore more products”.

Hey Calum, monday dev is currently enabled for new accounts to try out directly. For accounts which were are ‘older’ than few months ago, there is a change to the account that we should do. I suggest starting out with a new account first, as Rebecca wrote. It’s free of charge and it will allow you to experiment with it. Afterwards, if you’d like, we can enable the monday products to your account

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Thank you for clarifying!

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Hi @Ranto ,
I’m a “Pro” plan user. My account is old so I had to create a new one to see the beta dev platform. As we use it for software development the dev templates fit better with our scrum workflow than the ones we have right now.

How can I enable it on my main account?

Hi Roberto,

I’ll write you in private. Generally speaking, there are some options to migrate accounts, but it depends on the specific set up that you currently have

We are going to add velocity charts in Q2 to reflect the current productivity of the team. As for improving productivity, it’s probably related to the ability of the team to run retrospectives. Did you have anything in specific you were looking for?