Did you know about our deactivated automations email?

Have you ever wondered why or completely lost your cool when one of your Outlook or Gmail integrations suddenly disconnects? Don’t worry, because we have too and we are here to relieve that stress with the new …

:tada: Deactivated Automations Email Notification :tada:

There are a few reasons why an email can auto-disable, and we’ve found the most common reasons are due to gmail/outlook tokens being revoked or if a column affected by the automation has been deleted :eyes:

big-Screen Shot 2023-01-19 at 10.49.23 am

We recognised that a large pool of our users rely heavily on the email automations/integrations feature, so that’s why we are changing the way we manage these disconnections.

Out with the old…

Currently, we send a bell notification to the automation owner informing them of the automation deactivation, however, we realised that many users missed the notification and were not able to fix the automation. This consequently resulted in big disruptions to workflows that are dependent on our email functionality.


In with the new…

The new update results in an email being sent to the automation owner, informing them of the disabled automation and providing a link to fix the specific recipe.


With this improvement we hope to see more instant and seamless fixes, with far less interruptions to your flow of work!

Let us know what you think in the comments :arrow_forward: Do you think this will make it easier to track and manage email disconnections that can occur?:bulb:

Does this email notification for deactivated automations work for all types of automations or only email integration automations?

Hey @Krishele! Great question! I believe this is for all automations, however I’ve followed up with our product team just to make sure and will update accordingly when I hear back :blush:

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Me again @Krishele! I can confirm that this feature is for all disabled automations :+1:

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That’s great news! Is there an automation we have to set up for the notification or is it on by default for the safety setting to trigger the email notification to board owners?

The feature should be on by default :+1:

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What if someone leaves the company and those automations still need to continue because it’s a process for the department? Can there be a backup person that would allow them to receive these emails to alert an Admin that these need to be switched over to a new automation owner? Or alternatively I have been hoping for a way that the automation could be company owned in a way and not for a specific person.

Hey @Josh01 - I hear what you’re saying here and will need to get some further clarity from our product team about this. Please give me a moment to follow up and I will circle back here once I get a reply :pray:

Thanks so much for your patience with me @Josh01! I have recently heard back from one of our product managers who mentioned that at this time, when a user leaves all their automations and integrations automatically disable. Admins have the option to transfer the users automations to another user in the admin section but they must do so before they deactivate the user. The team are working on a process to automatically transfer a deactivated user’s automations to the board owner or account admin, however at this we do not have a solution for integrations due to privacy concerns - my apologies for the setback :pray: