Different columns in different groups within one board

Does anyone else think that it would be the coolest thing since sliced bread to be able to make different groups have different columns?

Have you read Monday’s support article on this issue?


Don’t think they’ll be changing the existing feature set in Monday anytime soon unless a compelling use case is presented, supported by a majority of users.


Thanks for sharing this! I have tried using the dashboards, but just haven’t been able to get exactly what I need while making it super easy for the team to navigate.

Hey @Lobster

Thanks for adding your comments :slight_smile:

I think this could be a separate thread in itself - perhaps asking the community in the FAQ section about what it is you’re looking to achieve with the dashboards would be more helpful than in this thread, which is tackling a different topic?

Had the same thought at one point, you can create a similar result by using custom views (hidden columns) and restricting who can view a specific column, however it does not create what you are trying to achieve exactly at the group level you can get close at the board level. We have multiple teams on multiple continents working within one board and each team has multiple views based on their specific needs.


Thanks for sharing @Aksalano!

Would love to see an example of your board with some different views :eyes:

I have also thought about having different columns for different groups, and even though it can indeed get messy, I think the user should be allowed to create his own mess. If all the users of the board can navigate easily in the mess it stops being one, I am right?

@JohnW, as a use case I can give you on an overview of a project in which different groups or departments can be involved. I’ll take an example of software development. I have a project, that will have the development part (i.e., analysis, coding, testing publishing) and also deployment, customer service, marketing etc. They all have completely different metrics to overlook, So they can’t be created in the same board.
You can create a board with all the teams within the project with links to appropriate boards, but it takes too long to surf between those and you loose the idea of the overview.
The dashboards can solve this, but still all the widgets and tables it can get messy and vague.
What can solve this, in my opinion is rather a board with different columns or sub-pulses with different columns. So that you can have columns for the pulse, and other columns for sub-pulses.

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Hi Julia,

We currently use 131 columns to take orders via the web and process between 3 offices…so a
little difficult to give you a good look by screen shot.

Users for the board are located in the US, Canada and China…soon to also include Cambodia.

We use locked columns, hidden columns and restricted view base on users function / needs.

There are 6 views not including multiple form views for a variety of orders submissions.

The board uses 16 integration’s and 35 automation’s.

Orders are submitted via the web (55 pieces of data collected in a variety of formats), we process then use the data (much of it generated using formula’s) as an export to Excel to create a variety of forms, a web submission summary, Order Acknowledgment and Factory Invoice are composed of all data generated on the board then exported.

Integration’s are used to update customers of the status for their order (via gmail) as it is being manufactured. Automation’s move orders through the board as their status changes among other things. We also use automation’s to convert one vertical status column into individual horizontal status columns which are used to mirror to other boards using linking.

We also use mirrored status columns in individual customer specific boards so customers can see
the status of their order real time as a guest user.


Wow :astonished:

This is seriously impressive!!

Would love for you to join the monday club and i’m also going to move this to our ‘monday.com for’ category as it’s something I think could help lots of others see the potential of the platform and just how advanced you can take it.

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Thanks again :green_heart:


I’m looking for a way to change a column’s name within the 2nd group in a board, without affecting the same column’s name at the 1st group in the same board.

Is there a way to do that? If not, is this something you can add?


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Hey @Yinon
I move this here as I think it’s pretty connected!

Right now it’s not possible. The thread above includes links to a blog which explains why and other discussion which I think you might find useful :slight_smile:

Would love to hear more about your use case?


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Hey @Julia-monday.com,
Thanks for directing me to this useful discussion! :slight_smile:

Per you question about my use case:
Let’s say that my team tracks our weekly progress of a certain project.
This project consists of several items, each is represented by its own column. These items stay the same for the most part, but sometimes they do change slightly from one week to another, depends on the team’s focus that week.

I’d like the columns’ names to reflect these changes, without having to create a separate board for each week.
Since there are many weeks in a year, I’m afraid that the Table widget won’t be useful here.

I’d like to echo @Lobster’s suggestion to add this feature as an optional one. As @Ster wisely said - after all it’s our own mess to handle… :wink:

Thanks again and keep being awesome!

Wow! I would love to see all 131 columns you have! My team would definitely benefit from seeing it build out like this. Super impressive!


You can get the same affect by creating different columns and custom views based on users. Also by controlling who can see which columns. Not an exact solution but more of a work around.

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Thanks for the tip, @Aksalano! I’ll make sure to look into it.
However, as you said, it doesn’t really solve the problem since the issue is with columns that are changing on a weekly basis, not separate columns that are slightly different from each other. I want the same people to be able to track the evolution of the column, if that makes sense…

I would also love to be able to do this!!
Specially now that the subitems feature is arriving. For example, for our products prototype/design stage, a series of tests and measurements are done. Each type of test has different goals, targets, parameters, so it would be really helpful to be able to customize each one as a separate group, but still having them all in the same board. That way, it’s easier to see if we are heading in a good direction.
As to things becoming messy, I think each user should be the judge of that. :slightly_smiling_face:

I too see benefits, esp. now that sub-items have arrived! :grinning:

A simple resolve to this may be to use the “item” as an optional header (w/ no columns associated w/ the header line item) and the “sub-items” available for customization as needed below each header.

Yes, good thinking. I was also thinking along the same lines.

Items can now act as sub-group headers.

This one

[quote=“Lobster, post:1, topic:1839”]
able to make different groups have different columns
[/quote] its super relevant to us.
when a form created, the columns names is the form questions, so its not possible to create a form in the same board whit outer needs (like a customer details that we want to send the forme to).

Honestly, I dident understand yet why it’s not possible.
The messy explanation is not understandable to me, order or messy is subjective matter.

It’s a technical issue?

I completely agree with the importance of this use case! Similarly to the other users, I am trying to create an executive-level dashboard view where I can show timing of projects within standardized project phases relative to one another. Having each column represent an Item is far too detailed for this view, and creating multiple different boards is clunky and doesn’t solve the intended use case for easily viewing relative timing.