Disable drag & drop item move on a board


I would like to disable the drag & drop item move on a board. I know that, if I choose “Only edit items o subitems that users are assigned to” permission, the users won’t be able to drag & drop items but this will also disable the “create item” button on the board.

So I would like to:

  • Be able to use the “create item” on board
  • Disable the drag & drop item move

Any suggestions? Thank you!

Hi @tibor93,

Thanks for your question!

I am afraid at this time we do not support a permission that will lock the items in place (disable their drag/drop capabilities), whilst allowing team members to create/edit items. This is a great suggestion however, and feedback that I will certainly bring up with our product team for review, as I can definitely see the benefit and value of such a permission setting.

I apologize in advance for the setback here!


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