Display decimal as time without TEXT()

Hi all,

I’m currently using a formula column which is

TEXT(sum({Lauren Time Tracking},{Letters Lauren}), "hh:mm")
Output = 47:06:11

and it works perfectly - except I’m now trying to use that output and I’ve been told it wont be able to use TEXT()

so when I remove text it now outputs in seconds -

E.G. 169,571 so I then add in a /3600 which makes it 47.103 (decimal time) but I need it to show the minutes and seconds rather than decimal

Any ideas how I do that?

I managed to find this:




But I can’t see how I can use this?


Hey Jim,
You helped me out a while back with
RIGHT("0" & INT({Hours}), 2) &"h "& RIGHT("0" & ROUNDUP(MOD({Hours},1) * 60, 0), 2) & "m"
so I’ve tried to use this, but I need to be adding 2 columns together to get this to work - Any ideas on how to integrate

sum({Lauren Time Tracking},{Letters Lauren})
I did try
RIGHT("0" & INT(sum({Lauren Time Tracking},{Letters Lauren})), 2) &"h "& RIGHT("0" & ROUNDUP(MOD(sum({Lauren Time Tracking},{Letters Lauren}),1) * 60, 0), 2) & "m"

but its not showing the right info

Its displaying

71h 00m not 47h 06m


You will need to adjust the formula to work with HOURS instead of seconds. Try this:

RIGHT("0" & INT(SUM({Lauren Time Tracking}, {Letters Lauren}) / 3600), 2) & "h " & RIGHT("0" & ROUNDUP(MOD(SUM({Lauren Time Tracking}, {Letters Lauren}) / 3600, 1) * 60, 0), 2) & "m"

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Amazing, thank you so much!!

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