Domain change of monday account

What is the best way to effectively change the domain of a Monday account from domainA to domainB?

e.g. sarah@ → sarah@

I believe when a monday account is created by a user email with domain ending when any new users with domainA in their email will be added as a viewer, member or admin, and cannot be added as guest.

Now if I want to transfer ownership of an account to a different domain, or the domain of users emails changes, e.g. to domainB, such that any users of domainB added to the account will be viewers, members or admins. non-domainB users, including domainA will be guests on the account.

Whats the best way to make this change?

Hey there,

Can you let me know if the steps in this article are what you’re looking for?

Additionally, regarding guests (please correct me if I am misunderstanding), you can adjust the domain via the Admin settings under the Security tab:

Let me know if I’ve understood correctly!

Thanks @BiancaT it’s not quite what I mean, this is to allow users of a domain to invite other users, and I believe to change existing users’ domain.

With the method described, I believe users with domainA would be added as members and not be able to be changed to guests.

I want to be able to transfer ownership of a monday account. So that domainB users when invited by a domainB admin, the users are added as members, not guests.

Does this make more sense?

Thank you for clarifying this for me! I am checking in with our team internally on this one just to ensure I am relaying the correct process. I will get back to you as soon as possible :pray:

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Thanks for your patience with me Kofi!

I’ve chatted with our team internally who have confirmed that the account default/main domain is chosen based on the email domain of the oldest active admin in the account. Therefor, that domain would need to change in order to change the accounts domain.

In order to change the rest of those members domains, currently there is no process that automatically changes user types from guests to non-guests and vice versa. You will need to make these changes manually however you are able to use the batch actions menu to change multiple user roles at the same time.

Please let me know if this helps!