Dropdown Menu Alphabetical in Forms View

I have a long Drop Down column list of codes using letters in my Main Table, and no matter what order I enter them, at any time, it does list in alphabetical order on refresh which is great. However, when I go the the Form View, the list is in order of when they were entered and therefore not in alphabetical order there. For people filling out the form it would be very useful that they are in order A-Z. Is there any way around this?

Hi @Dayna I ran into the same issue the other day and contacted monday support about it. They said this is the current behavior and would put in a feature request to sort dropdown items in form view alphabetically. But for now dropdown items appear in form view in the order they were created…

unfortunately I haven’t found a good way around this yet either…

Thanks for letting me know Tim! Hopefully this is something that will be implemented in the near future.

I agree with this. It automatically is alphabetizes in the default view, which is great, but translating it to the form would be nice.

+1 on that!
It would be nice if even a status column will be ordered alphabetically in a form view.

Thank you,