Duo icon for monday.com authenticator - minor request

Minor request - not many use cases I know, but everyday I keep seeing it and wanted to put my thoughts somewhere!

Our company has standardized on using DUO for MFA. As I move some of my other accounts (trying to reach that one solution option that never succeeds!) my monday.com has now become lost in the sea of generic icons. I researched the possibility of changing the icon, only to find out that it has to be done on the issuers side. They say it is on the roadmap to allow users to select their own icon.

Right now I only have an M, and can’t change it. I am seriously thinking of switching back to another method of MFA, but I can see some much smaller companies than monday that have the custom icons and was wondering why monday doesn’t.

As I mentioned, this is a small, very low priority request I understand, but it would help tremendously as I have to log in several times a day. (For security, I am required to log out of all accounts when I leave for meetings, etc., and lock my screen for shorter absences.)