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We have created our first Workflow and need to duplicate this for each additional board, however being in beta, this isn’t available. When is it likely that Monday.com will offer this feature? It’s very time consuming to recreate them from scratch for every single board.

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Hi@dawnwrites ,
Here is a workarounds that you can use:
You can create a template board that contains the workflow that you want to duplicate. Then, you can duplicate the template board for each new board that you need.
Duplicating workflows can be a time-consuming process. Monday currently working on a way to make this easier, and hope to have it available in the near future.

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Hi Dawn,

Msquare’s suggestion is sensible. Using templates would be the basic way to manage workflows in monday.com. However, you might find that you end up with lots of boards and this presents a problem in itself, as they’ll need to be separately maintained (e.g. if you want to add a column, you need to add it for every board).

One option is to manage all workflows in a single board. This can be a little tricky, but it has the advantage of treating a board like a database, which can help with maintenance and means you’re less likely to hit connection limits.

I’m also available to help out if you’d like a consultation on your monday.com solution.

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Hi both, thanks for your suggestion. This would be great for boards set up in the future, however for the dozens of boards we currently have setup this wouldn’t be feasible. I’m sure workflow duplication or templates will be here soon!

Hi @dawnwrites,

An alternate solution would be to create an internal monday app for yourself. It’s pretty straightforward and I believe you should have access to this capability.

In essence, it’s like creating a template, but for an entire workspace, I think that’s what you’re trying to do from the sounds of it. You can make various apps for various different workspaces, etc. We have a lot of experience doing this at CarbonWeb, as we’re currently building a solution with 20+ individual workspaces.

Check out this article, it should hopefully be everything you need.

Looking forward to hearing how this helps! If you need more help feel free to get in touch!

Carson @ CarbonWeb

Agreed - would also like to copy/paste or duplicate steps within the workflow.

For example - I have a workflow that adds an item to my board when a form in a different board is submitted. The workflow adds the items to different groups on the new board based on which item is selected in a status column from the form. The action is basically the same across the workflow, but the only difference is which group it is put into in the new board.

@kphays seems like you just need to create automation templates. This would enable you to add the same automation recipe on any other board and then fill in the conditions.

Its super easy too, head to automations tab, click the 3 dots on your automation, and save as a template.

Then when you need to use it again, in the automation center under templates tab, navigate to ‘custom recipes’ category to find it, or simply use the search bar.

Let me know if this help!

Carson @ CarbonWeb

@Carson Thanks for the instructions - that could help in other areas, however I was referring to duplicating steps within a workflow.

In this workflow, all the “create item” steps are the same with one small change. It would be nice be able to duplicate the step and make the small change.

We also use workflows in HubSpot - here is an example of how conditional and duplication of steps works in HubSpot. To duplicate a step in HubSpot Workflows, you click “clone”, then select if you want to clone only this step or this and any steps after it, then you can choose where you want to place the duplicated step based on where all the plus signs are in this image. A functionality similar to this in Monday’s Workflow would be perfect!

AH! That’s my bad. I overlooked the ‘in beta’ comment in the original post. We don’t even have the workflows element in our account yet so I completely overlooked the fact this is what you were referencing.

Admittedly, I can’t offer any advice because I have 0 experience with it so far. Lucky you that you have it though!!! I’d assume duplicating/cloning will be a feature come a full release, hopefully.:crossed_fingers:

That sounds really nice… How does that work exactly? Are all boards connected back to that database board somehow then?

@Anika You really have an arsenal of tools to manage working in a single board.

The most important are filtered views and dashboards.

Think about how you can filter all the tasks (across multiple projects) to help individual users to find the few tasks that important to them at a given moment. There is a dynamic “me” filter which you can use so that anyone looking at a view can see their own tasks. Then save those tasks to be sorted by date and filter out any tasks with a Done status.—The result of this is a view that will allow any given user to see the items that are due soonest.

Dashboards can be used much like views when you create a table widget and dock it to fill the entire screen. Some features like sorting are absent, but the filters are generally powerful enough that sorting isn’t too important.

There’s a lot more to this, but I find that this is a good area to invest time and effort, as the result of using a single “Tasks” board for all tasks across different Projects tends to be worth it in my experience.

But that’s all my bias! There is no right or wrong way to work in monday.com. Please do feel free to reach out if you’d like an initial consultation or Q&A session.

Gotcha. I don’t think this would work as well for how we have our Monday structured. I had to stop and think about it for a bit to think of how it might work and I can see how there would be some advantages though! Thanks for the reply!

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