Duplicating a group and renaming when an item is created in another group

I am trying to create an RFP and estimate analysis board. I have a group that is a list of items to be sent out for proposals by multiple vendors. I have a group of vendors that the RFP will be sent to.

What I would like:
When an item (vendors name) is created in the Vendors group, duplicate the RFP group, and rename the duplicate (automatically) to the Item Name (vendors name). I can’t seem to find an automation that will rename this duplicated group. I would also like the duplicated group to be sent to the bottom of the board, rather than the top.

Is this possible?

Hey @Dave_RedDog the group automations are pretty limited, However I think this is a pretty common use-case and can be solved simply with a make scenario. (I’ve done this for a number of my clients.)

I’d be happy to create a scenario template for you that you can import into your make account. Which if you don’t have one can sign up for it here:

Can you confirm if your teh vendor group and rfp groups are in same board or different board? based on that I can upload the make scenario here for you to add your connections and try out!


Thanks for the reply. I have no experience with make.com but will explore it!

Both groups are in the same board.

@Dave_RedDog sounds good,

here is a link to the make scenario you can use for the automation - https://timlittletech-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/p/tim/EQ3fZze7zJ9Iq7xVG6Le2bIBChyjiLlQrd3QpIsmubRHjg?e=hrfa1R

here is how you could import it into your scenario: https://www.make.com/en/help/scenarios/scenario-editor#6---more

Once you do, you will have to connect to monday and select the right boards/template group, but hoping this gets you on the right path! Let me know here if you get stuck!