Duration Calculation in a Formula Column based on Start Time and End Time

Dear Community and Experts,

I have this following subitems to track for the time dedicated to a program:

Would you please help me to solve the following issue:

  1. How to do the formula of Column Duration based on the Column {End Time} and {Start Time}? (The duration shall be in minute. and the time format is American format)
  2. How to make sure that {End Time} Shall never be smaller than {Start Time} please?
  3. How to do to have a summary under Duration so that we know the total Minutes spent for all the programs?

The #2 and #3 are just bonus, but what matters the most is the #1 question if you may help me resolve it please.

Thank you in advance!

Thank God, I found the solution after digging deeper,

The formula should be:

CONCATENATE((LEFT(HOURS_DIFF({End Time},{Start Time}),2)*60)+RIGHT(HOURS_DIFF({End Time},{Start Time}),2)," mn")

Unfortunately, that produces text and is not calculable, so I renounced to my idea of having a subtotal.

But I still don’t know how to warn the user if the {Start Time} is greater than {End Time}


This formula might serve you better:
IF({End Time} = "", "", IF({End Time} < {Start Time}, "🟥ERROR🟥", TIMEVALUE("1/1/1 " & {End Time}) - TIMEVALUE("1/1/1 " & {Start Time})))

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