How to convert a time or duration to total hours

@JCorrell - I found this post with your solution on converting time or duration to total hours. I am very new to formulas, and not sure what the format should be to make it work as you suggest.
I have two hours columns - Start and End.
I then have a difference forumla column that calculates the hours using this formula → HOURS_DIFF({End}, {Start},HOUR(“”,“”)) which works fine. However, I need this column to be converted to a number (i.e. 08:30 → 8.5).

How do I correctly format the formula using MID(“14:20”,1,LEN(“14:20”)-3)+right(“14:20”,2)/60 along with my difference formula?

Your post says "Replace the “14:20"s with your difference formula or column reference.” I have played around with it, but being the newbie that I am, I am not getting the expected results.

Would appreciate your help! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


(TIMEVALUE("1/1/1 " & {End})-TIMEVALUE("1/1/1 " & {Start}))*24


@GCavin - thanks, works like a dream!