Why cant I get decimal numbers in a formula field?

I’m trying to create a formula column called “Duration” that minuses a column called “Start Time” from the “End Time” column. Unfortunately, the result is either a full number or a blank if it’s less than 1. Is this a normal feature or a glitch?

(I’ve tried all the round functions)

Are start time and end time numbers or dates?

So far i know, monday doesnt operate with time data in formula columns.

Hey! Can you send us a screenshot of your board and of the formula you’re using? I’d love to see how you have this set up to see how we can help!

The Duration Column (HHMM) is showing 30 minutes in some cases, which should mean the duration formula should show 0.5,

Sum({End Time}-{Start Time})

You should use: HOURS_DIFF({End Time},{Start Time})

i’ve used that for the Duration (HH:MM) Column, however that column, as the results are time, can’t be summed at the bottom