Dynamic 1:many relationship between two Dropdown columns


I’m trying to create a dropdown list dependent on the previous dropdown, similar to dynamic lists in Excel.

I have a Category column and depending on what is selected will give the basis of what can then be selected in the sub-category colum.

Access selected in category > New User or Amended Access or Leavers could then be selected from sub-category.
Change requests in category > Process Change or Config Change (etc) to be selected from sub-category.

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Just to better understand your question, you want to choose an option from a dropdown column, and then the options available on the next dropdown column change depending on the first choice? That unfortunately is not an feature currently available with Monday. Column options like Dropdown & Status are static per column, per board.

I can’t think of any easy workarounds either. If it was just one option to choose from based on the first choice, you could use a formula column(or General Caster App) to dynamically change the output, but it won’t let you choose from options. Other than sending the item to another board when the first dropdown option is selected, I don’t think there is a solution.

Thanks for the welcome and the reply.

You are correct in your understanding, sub-category dropdown to be dependent on the previous dropdown selection.

This is minor so I’ll try and find another way around the problem.

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Hey @Eisbaer99, thanks for posting about this! Have you already checked out the dependency automations on monday.com?

I wonder if this recipe in particular would be helpful :blush:


That one is very helpful when it’s a 1:1 relationship between the statuses. I think what the OP is looking for is when Status column A = something, then the only valid choices for Status column B are a subset of the labels in B.

Yes sadly this isn’t a 1:1 relationship but is a 1:variable.

Thanks for trying to offer a solution.

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