Creating a column that dependent on another column

I’m a newbie. And this is my first topic here.

I’m trying to create for my organization a board with a few columns, in which the second column’s options are changing, depending on the first column choice.
I’m not sure how this can be done, through the “Status” column or something else.

To make myself further clear - I want that if I choose in the first column the option “Tour” , in the next column, it will give me the options “Grand Canyon” & “Las Vegas” , but if I choose in the first column “Lecture” it will give me the options “Cryptocurrencies” and “Architecture”.

Otherwise, while I can’t find a solution to my issue, the second column is filled with many irrelevant options to the first column choice, thus making the process confusing and clumsy.

Thank you very much for your help!

To be concise, this is not a direct capability of the platform. There may be ways to accomplish something to gather the information you require, but it will work differently than you expect - but may have other benefits.

It sounds like you are giving people a choice to reserve a tour or a lecture (among others). This means you likely also need a tours board and a lectures board. One method of solving your problem is having when “tour” or “lecture” is selected, it creates a “reservation” item on a tours or lectures board (depending on the first choice) and connects it to your item. THEN you use a mirror column for selecting the specific tour or lecture from a column being mirrored from the reservation item (since each connected board could have different options). This way from one board you’re not only creating your initial record, but creating separate lists of lecture and tour reservations.

Thank you for your help.

I’m actually a bit surprised that it can be done simply… I know the platform is not created to do this specifically, but that’s quiet a simple and convenient tool to add. Maybe Monday has its reasons why not to.

I’m not giving people the choice to reserve. I have a team of people, and they run a few specific activities in our Human rights organization, and our supervisor wants a board and a dashboard with all the activities past and planned for the future.
So I wanted to create a workflow in which each one of our team members, is simply updating his planned activity with a few clicks and added basic info (like number of participants, percentage of women, etc’).

Thank you.

There are a lot of things on the roadmap, I am not aware of this one being planned right now (I don’t work for monday, but am just a partner).

The way I suggested with boards still might be of value, since you’d be able to generate lists with anything specific to those things easily. Though filtering the main board might provide what you need.

Another option is a single status column with “Tour - Grand Canyon” “Tour - Las Vegas” “Lecture - Architecture” which will be easy to filter on a specific value that way to create lists you may need to hand off to others. If thats even a requirement.

But a single status like that would make more sense than two, because then nobody can accidentally do a “Tour of Architecture”.

As for now I did exactly this. Added all the options to one Status column.
But if the list will grow to be very long, I will think about doing your first suggestions, creating an separate board to each and then use mirror column.

Thank you very much for you time!