Filtering options based on another column

I have a Sales Pipeline board with columns for Company and Primary contact. I would like staff to select the Company for a new lead and then when they go to select the Primary contact, the list of contacts that they are presented with is just those that work for the Company the previously selected. Is this possible?

Hey @Max-Headroom :wave:

I’d love to actually learn a bit more about what exactly you’re trying to achieve here as the ability to see information in one column based on what you’ve selected in a different column is likely not possible.

I would recommend writing to and adding any relevant screenshots or screen recordings of what you’re trying to achieve so we can help as best we can!


Hi Jenna, I have recorded a short video to illustrate.

(Attachment bandicam 2021-08-31 09-45-37-849.mp4 is missing)

Hi Jenna, I have recorded a short video to illustrate. Your system bounced the email back so here is a link to the video.!Ar2H8oXtmu0ynI1hBEl5RXTJ5WXT2w?e=Cmw13P

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