Filtering Results on Link Columns

Hey guys,

I would like to know if it is possible to establish some type of filter for columns of type “link”.

If this is not possible, I would like to suggest:

  • Establish filters for a “link” column based on the information stored in the same item, but in another column.
  • Additional: if the filter leads to only one result, fill in automatically.

Hi @lindosl - I may be misunderstanding however you can filter boards on Link columns via standard and advanced filters:

As for your other points, It’s not clear to me. Are you able to supply some additional context so we can assist?


Thanks for the answer. I just learned a little more about advanced filters, but unfortunately it doesn’t suit my needs.

I apologize, I believe I have not expressed myself clearly.

  • I have a board with the data of all customers.
  • But at the moment I am working on another parent board that will gather information about the services provided to these customers.
  • One of the columns on the parent board is a column that links to the customer board and pulls information from there. It even allows me to place other useful mirror columns.
  • However, when registering a new entry on the parent board and having to fill in this column, I am faced with an extensive list of all customers.
  • Would it be possible to establish a filter that would limit the visibility of customers? This filter would take the filter information from a column on the parent board. And it would filter customers from a specific column.

I am not a programmer, but I imagine that this function comes close with a database query.

Hi @lindosl - I understand the issue you are facing.

When you are using a connected board column to my knowledge there is no way to pre-filter the listing of records that is returned from the connected board. What you can do is type in the name of the customer in the top bar to quickly find the record.


Outside of that organizing your customer board into different groups can make it easier to track down, as ell as ensuring the item name column in your customer board has the appropriate information in order to have a successful search.

One question I have, is it a 1:1 relationship between the parent board and the customer board? If that is the case you could setup an automation to connect these columns automatically on creation or via status change.



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