Filter items for board connection column

Add a column setting to the Board Connection column which can for example reference the value of a column as one of the criteria. For example, if we have a board of work orders, and want to select a work order to put a task on, to filter the work orders visible to only show those associated with the project the task is part of would be amazing.

@codyfrisch ,

First of all, I would like to know that are you looking to filter out the data on a particular based on the mirror column or connection column?
If Yes, Then I must say that It is very much possible. You just have to select the column in the filter section.

Please refer the below screen shot.


I am looking to filter the items visible when clicking on a connected board column itself.

If the item I am on has a project number in a column, I only want to see those items with the same project number when selecting which items to connect to in the connect boards column (when I click on the connect boards column itself to pick which item to connect to, filter that list based the value so only ones with the same project number appear as options to link to.)

I may have multiple dispatch orders I need to select from for a particular task, but only want to see dispatch orders related to the same project as the task.

This is only an example. Basically I want to prefilter which items I can select from to create the connection to based on a value of the item I’m trying to connect.

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