Feature Request - Improved Cross-Board Connections

Hi all,

This is a rather long post, so if you prefer, you can jump to the bottom to review my request without all the lengthy contexts.

I have a feature request regarding our boards, specifically when using the “connection-to-board” column. To provide some context, I manage three boards:

  1. A payments tracking board.
  2. A project details and progress board.
  3. A project progress tracking board.

The issue I encounter is related to the labeling system on these boards, which makes it challenging to cross-reference projects efficiently. Board 2 uses the main column for project names, while boards 1 and 3 use the company’s name as the main column.

When I want to connect items, I need to search for the company’s name from board 1, which becomes cumbersome when multiple projects are associated with one company. This results in a list like the one shown in the attached image, where multiple items are labeled under the same company name.

My Proposal:

I suggest enhancing the “connection-to-board” drop-down menu by adding a filter or selection option to choose from a different column rather than the main column (which is not editable unless if manually switching the column by replacing the text).

I’m open to providing more details and clarity if needed. Please consider this as a feature to explore in the future.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Board 2