Expanded Connect-Board Columns: View More Board Data in Connected Columns

When connecting a column to another board, currently only the names of the items are displayed in the connected column. However, users often need access to more detailed information from the connected board within the connected column. The proposed improvement suggests enhancing the connectivity feature by allowing users to view additional fields or columns from the connected board directly within the connected column. This enhancement would provide users with more comprehensive information without needing to navigate away from the main board view.

@giotor Can’t you use Mirror column for that? or you talking about different scenario/use case!

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Not really! I want to see more data while I’m selecting, on the selection windown.

Imagine one or more itens with the same name. I wouldn’t know the difference, between them, with just the name. I wish I could see more data from the board connected, to help me to choose the item I want.

Hi @giotor

Amber here from the monday.com team :slight_smile:

Do you find that clicking on the item to bring up the item and more information is a bit too tedious?

Could you please try and explain your use case and shed light on why your items might all be named the same? And what the columns are that would then differentiate these from one another?

I’d love to hear about what your different boards represent and why you’d like to connect them in the first place?

I totally feel @giotor

To give an example: In our acccounting setup, the Item names (E.g.: Client Invoice Numbers) are extremely cryptic. This means, that I actually have to have the linked boards open, in order to be able to find the information that i need to determine which Item Name is the one I need to choose when linking.
Clicking on the item is not enough, as I have countless items with cryptic names and no pattern to them. So currently i would have to click at random untill I coincidentally find the right item.