Include connected boards/mirrored columns in forms!

Hey folks

Really need the ability to include mirrored columns/connected boards in forms - The connected boards feature is key to being able to link our data sets together for reporting, and the ability for individuals to link the data correctly from the moment of entry is key (Otherwise this would then need to be manually completed after the fact)

This will enable us to ensure data entry is correct from the moment it’s entered in the form, and already correctly linked to the right boards.

Thank you!

Hey, i have the same need. But mirrored columns are just one need to be added.
Its so much better to get latest Data of e.g. customer list or Site list via mirrored bards.

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Me too - not to create new items in another Board, but to select from existing items, and show related content


How does this have zero response from the monday team after a year and 19 votes? It would be nice if this is addressed.


Hi Cory, I published a post addressing this particular limitation. There’s an easy way actually. Here it is

@Toona @a.mooser @JWinward

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Thanks I’ll check out your solution tomorrow.

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The video doesn’t show up on the link you provided and there’s not any further instructions either.

Would you be able to look into this please?

I am surprised that more people have not voted for this one. The amount of time and automations built to even get close to this function is so time consuming. Please, can we get this one on the road map?!!