Associating items in one board with other boards

Hello, folks,

I am currently trying to consolidate various boards of contacts into a “Master Contact Board”, but there is a specific workflow I am looking to incorporate as well.

We have separate, project specific, boards that we manage our projects under, and I am trying to see if I can associate each of the contacts from the “Master Contact Board” with each of the project specific boards they are included on.

For example, say Kerry is working on Project A and Project B, and Josh is working on Project B and Project C. Ideally what I would like to see is a column in the “Master Contact Board” that reflects that Kerry is working on Projects A and B, and Josh is working on Projects B and C.

Would love some feedback on this and some thoughts.

Hi @jwarner - welcome to the community! This is certainly possible. What you would want to do is create a connect boards column in you Master Contact Board and connect it to your various project boards.

You can then use stock matching automations to connect them together:

Keep in mind you would need to create the automation above individually for each board. I am not sure how many project boards you have and there are limits to how many boards you can connect into a single column (30 on PRO licensing).

To trigger it, I would just create a Status column “on change”. You can do a mass select of all the entries in your master board and change the status/button and it will search out and create all the connections.

If you every need more assistance, feel free to reach out any time!

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