Help Needed: Connected Boards/Item Filter

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I am a partner in a construction business that has recently decided to use Monday to track all of our projects, expenses, contractors etc… We have one board where we house all of our sub contractors and their specific trades. Then we have another template board for all projects we have broken down by what the project needs by line item for example: framing, sheet rock, roofing.

(Boards are connected) Let’s just say that on project one we have two line items being framing and roofing. For framing we have six people we could call on as well as the roofing. We will only choose one individual for that specific job and would like to display their information. However, when we go and click on the drop down for the line items (sub contractor names) from the contacts board we just get the full list of names with no filter of specific trade.

Is it possible to have the connected column only show a filtered view of a group of people by their trade. So that when our Project managers are figuring out who to put in place for a specific job they don’t have to keep switching between boards seeing who does what?

I was thinking a formula function with some type of dependency could possibly be the answer, but I am still new to that as well. Any help will be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Cal - Welcome to the community! The simplest way to address this that immediately comes to mind is grouping your Subcontractor board by trade. You can see the group titles when selecting an item in the Connect Boards column.

Another option, although a bit more work to maintain, is to have your subcontractor boards divided by trade (one board for electrical, one board for roofing). Then you can choose the board you want to find an item on in the dropdown before selecting one. I like the Group solution better than this approach, however, since it’s easier to maintain and use.

Hey @PolishedGeek ,

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Thanks for the help! This will work just fine.

Out of sheer curiosity, do you believe that with some simple formula or coding that we could possibly be able to achieve an already filtered list by trade without seeing the other groups?

Hi @Cal - This could certainly be done with a small custom app. We build a custom search for our CRO app that could potentially be adapted for this. If you’d like to chat with one of our developers and explore whether this is something you’d like, you can schedule a time with us here: Book Polished Geek: more with

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You could either filter the board (with all trades) by group and set different views for each trade! Maybe that would work.

@Cal Hello. Once you’ve got your boards setup and running, unless you’ve got something really unique after much blood, sweat and tears that gives you a big competitive advantage over your competitors, would you be willing to add your boards solution and their structure to the customers stories so your template could help others? You can see what other companies that use Monday have added here:
Thanks for considering it but no problem if you decide against doing so.


Thank you for your input. I’ll try it out.


Did not know about the stories page! I’ll check some information out there as well. I will make sure to post my structure in the future once I have a decent workflow. Thank you!

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