Filter Contacts by Client in a NEW board

Hi all,

I am running into an impasse and hoping someone here can help.

To organize clients, I have two boards: a Client board, which lists the company names and relevant info, and a Contact board, which lists individual contacts and their relevant info. Boards are connected with a two-way connection, so I can link contacts to clients and vice-versa.

All’s good. See snip.

Now I have a Project Board. I connected the Project to the client (company), and also want to connect it to the individual main contact for this specific project. I want that when I choose Client A, ONLY the contacts associated with that client show up. As is, I need to sift through 1000+ contacts for each project.

See snip:

Taken together, since only Contacts 4, 5, and 6 are connected to Client 2, I don’t want to see the others at all.

Is there a way around this?

So is your structure like this: ?

  • Projects
    – Clients
    ---- Contacts

Projects have a client, clients have (multiple) contacts.

I think you can use the Mirror column, on the project board, to pull through the contacts.

  • Client board has connect board column for contacts
  • Project board has connect board column for Clients
  • Project board has Mirror column for the contacts of the client

That way, in the Project board you can filter by Contacts

Thank @cberman. A preliminary look at your idea seems to work, except that when I then choose the specific contact on THIS project, I disconnect the other contacts from that client. Do you have a workaround for that? (I need a two-way link for other connections, so that doesn’t seem to be the answer.)

Oh ok I understand now. On the project board, first you select the Client. Then you want a Contact dropdown, to pick one, and the available list is only the Clients that are linked to the Contact.
To my knowledge that is not possible, but it would be a good feature request. What you want is a way to filter down the options of the Connect Board column.

correct, thanks. I will suggest as a feature :slight_smile:. It would be a gamechanger

This has been a big issue for us as well, is there a feature request that we can up vote?