Select Subitem on Connected board, filtered by Item


I hope the title is clear as to what I am trying to achieve. Put simply, I am trying to determine if it is possible to select a subitem in a connected board column, but first filter the options at item level.

Our example:
On our “Projects” board, each item represents a project. Each subitem represents a fixed package of work for that project (ie. 01-Site Visit, or 02-Survey Report etc). Each project is different and so our subitems are often lots of unique names, rather than typical categories. Our project board has hundreds of unique names of subitems.

On our “Expenses” board, we would like to use a connected board column to enable us to tag an expense to a project AND the respective subitem. At present, it seems a simple task to do this at item level, but at subitem level it simply shows ALL subitems in the Project board without seemingly allowing me to first choosing an item (ie project), so that I then only see a list of the respective subitems. Due to this limitation it makes it impossible to use as is.

I see there are other apps which use a kind of levelling (selecting item first from a dropdown, then showing another dependant dropdown that shows the relevant subitems) but I dont know how they achieve it and wondered if it is possible within Monday to do something similar in our use case.

Many Thanks!


Has nobody got any ideas on this one?

Hi AndrewUK1990

Can you please provide example of the apps providing this functionality?

Thanks in advance!

I dont know of apps that provide the functionality to be edited yourself - but for example Tracket timesheeting app allows you to select an item, then shows only relevant subitems in the next list level to chose from. Similarly, ESL’s for outlook app does the same thing.

Thank you Andrew! Will take a look.
Out of curiosity, would you still benefit from a solution for this problem? or you’ve found a workaround that works well enough for you?