Viewing subitems within a connected column popup

I have a few boards which use a connected column to key back to a unique person who is associated with the items on those boards. Think allocating various types of items to people.

On those boards, clicking on the connected column cell for each item shows a popup with the information from the connected board’s parent item (in my case the data for the human who owns that item). On the Subitems row, it shows the number of subitems, and a little nesting icon, but clicking the box doesn’t do anything. I’d like to be able to see the subitem data within that popup, or alternatively, at least be able to link back to the connected board with the subitems opened.

Right now I have to memorize the title of the connected board’s item, navigate to that board using the link in the popup, and search for the item by name, which is not convenient.

Am I missing something that would enable this, or is this just not functionality that is available?

Hey @arkitrave,

Thanks for your question! Currently, this functionality is not supported I am afraid, however definitely a great idea and feature request. I can certainly see demand for this feature, so if you’re happy to, feel free to submit a request here Submit an Idea - monday Community Forum so it can get some more attention :slight_smile: