Sorting Boards by Subitems

We use Monday for a range of project management, and are quite happy with it. Recently we shifted to the view with all of our jobs being housed on a single board with subitems acting as the process flow for each job. The reason being, with all the info on one or two boards, we can better track metrics such as time management and load/capacity through some of the automated features. My question though-- is there a way to sort the boards by status or timeline of the subitems on each board? This would help greatly condense information for specific teams and remove the time constraint of sifting through each job. Yes, I know that there are notification automations that can help with this, but thinking more along the lines of a hard and fast “to-do” list for each team within the company.

If anyone has ideas or experience with working through this scenario, i’d greatly appreciate any advice! At any given time we have roughly 50 jobs per board each with about 10-12 subitems assigned to different teams/team members.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey @DylanPhillips,

Firstly, welcome to the community - excited to have you!

As for sorting/filtering the board by the status or timeline of the subitems, whilst I am afraid it isn’t possible to filter directly by the subitems, what you can do is mirror the status/timeline column summary from the subitems into the parent item. From there, you can use quick or advanced filters to filter the board by the subitems status/timeline.

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 9.46.57 am

I understand this may not be the most ideal solution but I hope this can work for you in some way!

Let me know :slight_smile:


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