How to filter by subitems and to use them in different boards

Have you ever needed to filter subitems or to use them in other boards? As of the moment, it’s not possible to filter by subitems yet and show them in a table format so I developed this approach to be able to filter subitems and to create advanced workflows using the subitems in other boards.

Hello, I’m Pedro, I am a certified partner and consultant who supports companies implementing advanced workflows within and providing consultation and training .

Adding subitems is very helpful when there’s a need to delegate task components to other team members and monitor those. However, on the monitoring part, I feel that there’s something lacking. It’s a fact that only items can be filtered and shown on a dashboard. As of the moment, subitems can’t be filtered yet.

I have written this article to show you a workaround on how to track subitems. This is done by converting a subitem to an item on a different board and still being connected to the subitem from the other board.
Using the automation “When status changes to something, create item in board and connect boards with column” the workflow can be automated when the subitem status changes to “In Progress” or even when the subitems is create.

In this example, the subitems are coming from the “Marketing Projects” board and are being created on the “Marketing Assets” board.

Additional columns may be created depending on your need. You can also choose to show the mirror columns on either board.
Once you have the subitems in the dedicated board you can filter by anything you need: status, date or even dynamically by person.

Creation of dashboards
When it comes to tracking subitems, in this case, the “marketing assets” - a dashboard on the Marketing Assets board can be created so you can quickly see what is “In Progress” or any other high-level view that you may need.

Then, you can create a separate dashboard that will show information from both the “Marketing Projects” and “Marketing Assets” boards. You don’t have to go to either board for the data you need, you’ll have a glance at both.

Level up your subitem usage
Start utilizing subitems and tracking those for better project management and coordination within your team. There’s definitely no harm in trying different things to increase productivity.

I hope it may serve you as inspiration on how to filter by subitems and use them in other boards. If you need more information about how to implement any of these processes you can check this link.

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Very interesting approach @PedroM! Thank you for sharing!

Good ideas here! Thinking of how I can use this… Thanks Pedro :slight_smile: