Selective Dropdown options based on another column


Is there a way to restrict the options in a dropdown list based on the content of another column?

e.g. column 1 (status column) can be car, truck, moped and i want the options in the dropdown in column B to change depending on what they pick so if column A = Car then Column B = Red, White, Green but if column A = moped then column b = Orange, blue



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I would also love to know if this is possible. My company uses semi-formulaic series of dropdowns (A1 + B1 = C1, A2 + B2 or B3 = C2 …)
To minimize input error, it would be really helpful to have this ability. Automations can somewhat handle my use case, but not exactly in a scalable/easily maintainable way.

Hey Kat! Looks like we can add some formula to the columns to get this done.

hey, amazing! can you show me what that formula would be?


Hey Sure! What’s the best place to get in touch?

can’t you just post it on here?

Hey Kat! My apologies for the delayed response.

I confirmed this with my team members, so using a formula is the best case scenario if you already know when an answer will be blue, and when it would be white etc. Meaning, formula can only work if we can calculate a single answer.

What we can do here is to split your column B into multiple columns, such that one column could be for red, white, green and none, and another column for Orange, blue, etc

Also interested in a conditional list based on another columns selections. The proposed solution of several columns doesn’t seem like a great solution.

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