Name Column

Please help before my computer flies out of my window.

I have my sign companies jobs listed in some boards that carry us through the job process from beginning to end. My first board “New Customer Requests” starts out the process.

The name column in all of my boards is the name of the company or in other words my customer requesting the job. Currently we have to manually type in the name of this company which opens up the chances of my employees spelling the names incorrectly, among other potential issues.

I have been trying to figure out a way to simply start typing the name of the company to search for them or have a drop-down with all my customers names in it but I can not get this sucker to work. I have a seperate board which has my customer data inside of it which the name column is the name of the customers I am looking for.

I understand I can connect the two boards and create a link that way but that does not allow me to have the 1st column in my “New Customer Request” board be my customers name without double entry. Please help this is slowly killing me!

Hey Corey! Have you thought about creating a very minimal board template with the company names set up in the Item Name column or as options in a Dropdown or Status Column? You could then just create every board in the job process from this same basic template so that you don’t have to retype the same information over and over again.

Here’s a guide to making your own template boards. I hope this is helpful!

Thanks for the response, I am a little confused. I do not understand what steps to take with this or how this would even work? Can you please explain it to me in a different way so it makes sense in my world? I do already have a board created with my customers names in the first item name column. How do I use this to be able to search through my customer list while creating a new item in a different board?

Hello Corey,

I believe you won’t be able to directly achieve what you are trying to as you are trying to use the first item name column as a connect board which isn’t supported.

The only way I can see this working is to have the item name be something else and instead simply use a connect board column to have as a searchable name field.

Thanks for the response Shayan. Yeah, I have been coming to that understanding but did not want to believe that it couldn’t be done due to how important it is to me. Appreciate you confirming my worst fear about this setup I was looking for.

Before I give up and move on I have to ask everyone if there is a way to get my customers name (company) into the item name column by searching a customer list. I cant be the only one who needs to do this for the workflow they create? Does anyone else use this platform for a job shop order tracker like I do?

I am very certain that the thing you are trying to achieve is not possible within the platform and I wouldn’t even know an app for that.

The reason why it hasn’t come up with anyone else though is probably you seem have a very unique way of modeling your workflow.

Is there any reason why you need the customer company to always be the item name?

The usual setup is to have the company name only be the item name in the accounts Board.

In other Boards it would be referenced using a connect Board column which supports the search and select functionality you describe.

If you describe your overall workflow a little more - I might be able to suggest alternative ways of modeling it, if you would be interested in that.

Sadly, your use case seems to better fit Airtable not Monday. Airtable is built for that kind of interconnectability but also makes it a bit more of a learning curve than Monday. There is a fairly robust free version of that software if you want to check it out. (I am not affiliated with them in any way, I just know this because I tried to use that software for things that Monday cannot do but it was a little too difficult for me to master in the end because of that interconnectability ).

Sure, I would appreciate that.

Basically my company is what I have found out to be called a job shop type of workflow. I organize all of the orders by my customers name so it is easy to lookup the certain job for them I am looking for at any moment. A customer can have as few as one job only with a single item requested to be made or I have other customers who can have 10-20 jobs going at once with different job names for them.
I used to have a more production shop orientated workflow but my building suffered a devastating fire in the middle of the night two months ago. I have had to switch my workflow to more of an outsourcing modeled workflow until I get done playing the games with the insurance companies and then getting the building repaired or rebuilt.

My current workflow: (each number is a new board in the process)

  1. New Customer Requests (a landing page to either send a job from an email request to Monday or a spot to manually enter a new job (item).
  2. Quote Requests: Jobs will be sent here if a quote is requested by a new or current customer.
  3. Proofs: Items sent here need a proof sent to our customer for approval of there product.
  4. Ordering/Shipping: Where jobs go when they need to be ordered from one or multiple vendors to be able to fulfill our customers requests. Once ordered they go down to the appropriate shipping group on the board.
  5. Invoicing: Once a job is shipped to our customer this is where the job goes to get invoiced.
  6. Job Archive: A board where our completed jobs go and hang out for the remainder of eternity. This also serves as a reference to jobs we have completed in the past and the customers need more of the same item ordered.

Hope that makes sense, I appreciate any feedback you may have!