Form drop down control populated from column in another board?

Hi all… A little background on work flow. We will have an externally facing form where we collect some data from them. Think of it as a basic “Registration Form” to collect basic company data. One of the bits of data is “Company Name”

At this point we ask them to go off, perform some work, when they are done with that work, we want to collect that data. My understanding is that we can not send them back to the original form, load up their info and then supply addition fields… So, the thought was, to create a second “Data Collection From”

So, basically my problem is this. When the user returns to fill out the “Data Collection Form”, how can I tie this data submission back to the “Registration Form”.

My thought was, if the “Registration From” collects company name, I could use this column. When the Data Collection Form is displayed, one of the fields could be the company name field from the “Registration From” and displayed in a drop down list box, allowing them to select which company they are from when submitting their data. I know there is linking between tables, but trying to achieve this functionality didn’t seem possible, but thought I may have just missed something.

Is this something that is possible out of the box? I believe the license we have is the Pro.


Hi @RickB ,

It sounds like you need one of these:


You would add a working column or two to ensure that column changes are happening and triggering the connections, but if you’ve got their basic details such as email address, that’s what we would use as the matching information to connect.

Give us a shout if you need a hand with it all:

Team Easy :slight_smile:

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when you say connecting via email. Are you saying showing a list of email address or having them manually type in an email address into the 2rd Data Collection Form.

I chose to not use email address because I didn’t want that kind of personal data being displayed to all users… But, I was ok with Company Names being displayed for all to see

Hi @RickB - you can use any column as long as it matches between the two boards (like Company Name as you mention). Once connected you can mirror columns between the board to display shared data.

Thanks @TeamEasy for the best solution.

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