Connect Boards Column as a field in Forms

Our company handles a growing list of clients (and their contact details) on Board A.
However, Board B is where we receive our requests with a request form that can be used by any of the clients.

How can the clients tag themselves on the Form (from Board B) not using Text Column nor updating a Dropdown List manually every time Board A is updated?

I was hoping it was possible through Connect Boards Column as a converted Dropdown Column.

Best template example is the Customer Onboarding Template.


Board A is the list of Contacts or Clients:

Board B is the hypothetical request board, with Client as Connected Boards Column:

Instead of manually connecting the items using the Connect Boards column, can it be a converted Dropdown list on Forms?

Since the boards are already connected, it’s just a matter of making the item connection.

[Hope this can be done - I think this is very useful for organizations that handles SEVERAL Clients]

Thank you for taking the time to read my idea. :grin:

I could use this feature also.

Hi all - there is an App called Superform which gives some additional functionality around forms and connected boards.


I use Superform, which is good because it handles connected and mirror columns, but we’re paying $80/mo for 500 form submissions for a service that I think should be included with monday’s WorkForms.


me too! I’m surprised it’s not already a feature …