Dropdown lists or Connect boards columns to show data when client is selected?


we want to create a drop down list of clients that when selected has the clients details etc that we can refer to later on. and ALSO have this list popluate itself when new clients are created - does anyone do anything similar ?

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Hi @Chrismm - and welcome to the community.

This sounds like it would be better suited for a Connected Boards column rather than a dropdown. Basically, you could have another board solely for your customers and their information. You can then (in your main board) reference the Customer board and mirror any details you would like pertaining to that specific customer pulse.

Hope this helps!

Seconding connected board with mirror columns. We start with a robust client database. And pull in the information as we need it per project. we created a form view in the client database which we send to new clients. Hope that helps. The benefit of connected boards/mirrored columns is they can be updated from anywhere and will always be reflected back to the client database.


One very cool feature that most people seem to be unaware of is being able to access the card view of connected items.

When a new Connect boards column is created the default setting is “Allow linking to multiple items”.
Being capable of linking to multiple items is, of course, a powerful feature. However, when this is turned off, it gives the users direct access to the whole linked item via the card view.

So, instead of seeing this when you click on the link:

The user will see the card view of the attached item:

This setting is accessed on the column settings of the given Connect boards column:


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Hi @Chrismm :wave:

I wholeheartedly agree with everything said above, especially @JCorrell’s suggestion of using the item card.
It looks like this might have answered your question, is that correct?

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It appears the connect boards column does not appear on forms. We would like to give a dropdown as an option on the form, with the dropdown coming from a list we keep in another board…list of customers or list of sales people.