Connect Boards column to be first

I run a wholesale company where we buy in large volumes from suppliers then re-sell online. We use a Monday board called “CRM” to store the details of all of our 50+ suppliers (including of course name).

We have another board called “Inbound” where we track shipments of our confirmed orders. Currently, we have a column called “Supplier” in this board where staff will manually enter each supplier’s name (first column in the image below).

However, staff often enter names wrong and this causes complications in other processes. So as a solution, I have used the “Connect boards” option to connect this “Inbound” board to the “CRM” to pull the supplier names so these can be selected via a drop down instead of manually entered (CRM always has the names 100% correct). You can see this in the “Central CRM” column in the image below.


Overall, I just want to achieve the end result of having the Connected Board as the column to represent suppliers. At the moment, as you can see, I have two columns for supplier. Of course I can just clear all the names in the first column but this column is not deletable. How can I ensure this column isn’t showing or ensure the Connect Boards column (“Central CRM” column) is the first column on the list?

Hi there! At this time, there is no way to delete, collapse, or minimize the item name column. You can use the “resize column” option when you hover over the right side border of the item name and make it smaller than the other column in order to show the Connect Boards column as having more importance. This isn’t a perfect solution but perhaps could help make the columns more distinct? Let me know what you think!