Dynamic Dropdown from another board


Do you know if we can have a dynamic dropdown column in a board ?

For example I would like that values from a dropdown column in board A comes from another board B in which I specify my dropdown values (contacts, status, typology, etc.).

I was thinking of mirroring but I don’t think it work since you have to link each item manually to all other items from the other board.

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I’ve never seen anything like that yet outside of excel… but I would be interested in having it available as a column. Maybe make this more of a feature request so others can vote on it?

Hey @corentin.dalfarra and @EMorton!

Would a suitable workaround for this dynamic dropdown look like a template dropdown column that you could add to any board? Or does it need to be able to share information with another board’s dropdown column and this is what makes it dynamic?

For information on making column templates, check out this article: https://support.monday.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405213200018-Column-templates

If the template idea wouldn’t work, send us a message at support@monday.com and we can figure out another workaround together! :blush:

Based on my understanding of what @corentin.dalfarra was saying, no the template wouldn’t work here. Essentially, what we’d want (or at least what I would want) would be for the values of the dropdown to be determined based on the values of another column (whether in the same board or not).

For example:

  • In column A. you have three options: Cat, Bird, or Dog
  • Column B is dynamic and will have set value options based on what is selected in Column A.
    – Selecting ‘Cat’ in Column A populates those values in Column B as Persian, Calico, and Russian Blue.
    – Selecting ‘Bird’ in Column A populates those values in Column B as Falcon, Parrot, and Pelican.
    – Selecting ‘Dog’ in Column A populates those values in Column B as Husky, Shepherd, and Corgi.

Depending on what Column A is set as, Column B has a different set of values that can be selected, to both remove option bloat, and to mitigate people entering the wrong information because there are so many options.

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Hi @EMorton and @corentin.dalfarra

Gotcha! At the moment this isn’t possible within the dropdown column, I’m afraid.
That said, we do have dynamic forms available as part of the Workforms product, which lets you filter which questions / answers should be shown in a form based on the previous answers.
You can check out Workforms here: monday WorkForms