Dynamic mapping using custom field type


I am trying to understand how to use Dynamic mapping and I am afraid the only resource that I find from Monday.com documentation (Dynamic mapping) it was not as clear as I would have expected.

I want to achieve the following:
When something happens in my system, I want to create an item in an specific board which the monday user would have integrated to. Additionally I want him to choose which fields from my entity will be mapped to which fields in the given board.

According to my understanding the way to achieve this is through an item mapping in the recipe, where the user will be able to map the fields and through a custom field type through which when the user will select the prompt in the recipe, while integrating, he will get the fields from my custom entity in my system among which he could choose.

I have configured this in my monday developer app and I have managed to receive a request to to my field definition URl:


but then the response I send back:

{"id":"dueDate","title":"Due Date","outbound_type":"date","inbound_types":["empty_value","date","date_time"]},

is literally ignored and I’m just offered and empty table for typing the values.

So far I can’t progress and neither I find any good examples provided about how to do this, in order to compare with my own solution.
I would really appreciate some guidance with this situation.

Ok, the answer was about the case. I was sending snake case where it should have been camel case.

After changing that works.

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Hello there @DevIntegrations,

I am glad you found the source of the issue!

Let us know if you have any questions in the future :grin: