Early, Delayed, On Time Status Formula

I know this has worked for a single timeline (Formula for Overdue using timeline column) but is there a way to trigger a status depending on the difference between two separate timelines columns?

I currently track a baseline column for when I planned to have some piece of work completed within. Then I track an actual timeline for when the work is currently set for. I’d like to take the difference between the two timeline end dates to determine whether I’m going to deliver this item in this board earlier than the end date of the planned time (based on the difference in actual timeline end date) or later (Delayed) or if both end dates match (On Time). Is this possible? I’ve used the following formula before but I need help to extend it to my scenario.

IF(MULTIPLY(DAYS({Planned Timeline#End},TODAY()),-1)>0, “Delayed”, “On Time”)

Assuming this would get elaborated to fit what I’m trying to do. Thanks in advanced.


Try this:
IF(DAYS({Actual Timeline#End}, {Planned Timeline#End}) > 0, "Delayed", IF(DAYS({Actual Timeline#End}, {Planned Timeline#End}) < 0, "Early", "On Time"))

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