Elevate 2023

Good morning! I’m exploring the possibility of attending Elevate 2023 and was curious if anyone has any insight into the value of participating in person. NYC is a long way from home and I am debating if it’s worth the travel time and cost; especially since it’s scheduled for only 1 day. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Sandi,

It’s a little confusing because Elevate is a name used by lots of different conferences!

Monday.com’s Elevate is online. It’s also free to attend. Elevate '23 by monday.com

Hi Francis - thank you for your response! I didn’t realize there were other conferences with the same name but am referencing monday’s Elevate 2023. I met with my account rep last week and he shared that they are offering this on-site as well and am curious if they’ve ever done it before and if it’s worth attending. Here’s the link our rep shared with us - Elevate NYC 2023

Didn’t know that—thanks for the info!

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