Email single-use Calendly links when item’s status changes

Hi there!

I need to set up an automation that sends a single-use Calendly link via email when I change the status of an item on Is this something that’s possible?

I can see there’s been workflows built out on Jestor(Sending automatic emails with single use Calendly links to schedule interviews with applicants - no code required - Jestor) and for Salesforce (, is this at all possible on without code?

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Hello @ellieroberts !

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You can certainly set up such an automation.

You can potentially use this one :

You can choose what the email will entail, and it will also include the link to the calendy scheduler. You can either include it directly on the email, or use a link column to dynamically “take” that value.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Thanks so much Giannis!

I’ve got that email automation set up currently, but I need for Monday to be pulling in unique, single-use links from Calendly in each time. Is this possible?

No problem Ellie!

The one-time meetings are more on the Caledly side, which I am not fully familiar with.
It seems to me after some brief research that they can only be created manually, so I am not sure how that would factor into monday.

Perhaps by using something like this would be possible?