Emails & Activities feature pinning important activities/ emails

Emails and Activates has some great functionality but is missing some features that would makes its use more easy, with the ability to pin emails or activities within this view/ Widget the user can quickly gain an understanding of this section so they can formulate a email or action appropriate with no time wasted scrolling through email chains to find the key details that require understanding.

Having the ability to delete or hide emails that are not relevant to the item although there is a filter that refines the emails displayed there is still emails that are taken as part of the item but are not relevant the ‘out over office’ auto replies, emails accidentally associated to an item, and internal conversation not relevant to the client.

I agree. Maybe the ability to tag eg to collapse, hide, flag, promote to top…

This is an excellent suggestion and we would greatly benefit from these functions

I would like to see more search functionality such as keyword search. Maybe the ability to filter by email address.