End date based on start date plus number of days

I have 3 important colums for what I want to do.
Column 1 = Start date
Column 2 = End date
Column 3 = Number of days

What I want to achieve is that the End date is calculated automatically based on Start date + number of days.

Maybe this has been dealt with already here but I can’t find it.

I’ve created a similar scenario actually where Start Date is a Date column that is manually set by the user.

Then I created a Term column (e.g. 5 years) using the Number column. So that shows as 5 Years.

Then I created a Days column using the Formula column “Multiply ({term}, 365)”
days column

Finally, to create an Expiration date, I used the Formula column again "Format Date (ADD DAYS ({effective date}, {DAYS}), “MM-DD-YYYY”)
expiration date

You may be able to use the Formula column to do something like, Count Days “Start Date” to “End Date” to arrive at your number of days. There’s also an ‘Item Age’ Column type you may be able to modify to show only Days vs minutes and hours.

Hope this helps.

Jc, that was a great help. Thanks a lot.

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