How do I get hours from a Date column which has hours tracked?


We have two date columns (Start and End) and I need to be able to get the Total Days (in a formula).
i.e. Start 16 Aug, End 18 Aug = 3 days

Now the issue is the end might actually be at mid day on 18 Aug, so we would rather want the answer to be 2.5 days.
This decimal is important as we use it to track progress.

How can I get this?

We have explored the option of adding the “Add Time” option onto our date column and we thought we could subtract it somehow, but we never get this right.

Does anyone have any tips for how to solve this?


Currently, times from date columns are not accessible in formulas. Once way to do what you are asking for would be to add an “end time” column as an hour column type. If you do that, this formula would give you a place to start:

IF(AND({End Date},{Start Date}),DAYS(IF({End Date},{End Date},"1/1/21"),IF({Start Date},{Start Date},"1/1/21"))+IF({End Hour},(left({End Hour}&"00",2)+RIGHT("00"&{End Hour},2)/60-8)/8,1),"")

The formula above assumes 8 hours in a work day, starting at 8:00AM.

Thanks @JCorrell - your help is really appreciated

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