Difference between Days and Hours

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to calculate the difference in days and hours between 2 date columns. As we already know when you set a date in a date column you can also select a time in that same date columns. I want to calculate the difference in days between 2 date columns and also calculate the difference in hours with the given times selected. For instance, if in the Start Date column I have March 8th at 12pm selected and in the End Date column I have March 10th at 10am selected I would want a result of 2 Days and 22 hours. It would be ok if that needed to be 2 separate columns, but any ideas on how to set that up?
I’m currently using WORKDAYS({End Date}, {Start Date}) to calculate the difference in working days.


How would you want that to work with regard to weekends with hours?

The goal would be that it would or could skip weekends from Saturday 12am until Monday 12am including the entire day of non weekend days or holidays. So it would skip those days from 12am-11:59pm.

Sorry, you can ignore the holidays part. I recognize that skipping holidays is complicated and not really supported at the moment.

Hey there! So sorry for the late response! If you’re still needing some help getting this set up, let us know at support@monday.com and we’d be more than happy to assist!