Calculate days and hours between two date fields

Looking for an option to Calculate days and hours between two date field. I have column with “Start Date, including Start Time” and column for “End date and End Time”. My task varies from short duration like 30 min to several days and hours.
Now, I want to calculate the total duration between the two fields, giving me something like: "1 day, 4 hours (=28 hours), 5 days, 8 hours (=128 hours), 2 Hours, 30 min. (2H, 30M)

I know of the form “DAYS({End},{Start}) * 24”, but I apparently only delviers hours. I would like have something more “human” as the end result.
I can see similar requests, but none has solution, for delivering Days and Time based on StartDate&Time vs EndDate&Time

Any suggestions ?