Calculating hours between Days and Hours

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Anyone manages to solve it?
I want to use 2 date columns the the option of adding the time and calculate the hours between them. I want to count during nights, weekends and holidays.

Thank you!

Hey Hezi!

This formula will calculate the difference between between 2 date columns with the time included:

ROUNDDOWN(DAYS({Completion Date},{Referral Date}),0) & " days "& ROUND(MINUS(DAYS({Completion Date},{Referral Date})*24,ROUNDDOWN(DAYS({Completion Date},{Referral Date}),0)*24),0) & " hours"

In the first part, the ROUNDDOWN function is used to only count the full days.
In the second part, it takes the the full hours between the days and subtract the full days*24 to get the remaining hours.

Is this along the lines of what you’re hoping to achieve?

Thank you Bianca
Actually Mayan from the Formula team helped me with this:
MULTIPLY(DAYS({Date 2},{Date 1}),24)

Appreciate you help

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