Calculate the hours between two "Date & Time" columns

Hi all. Im trying to calculate the time difference (in hours or minutes) between two time and date entries.

Say, column one has Feb 2 2023, 9:00am and column two has Feb 2 2023, 12:00pm, in my formula column it should just show me “2 hours”, basically.

I have seen and tried @JCorrell formula of “DAYS({End}, {Start}) * 24”, but this formula keeps returning an error, and I’m not sure why.

Anyone have any ideas?


Are your source columns date columns? Also, can you show a screen shot of the actual formula?

I’ve just been working on this myself. And this post had no resolution.

You can use this formula to work out the hours between two date columns:
(((HOUR({End time})*60+MINUTE({End time}))-(HOUR({Start time})*60+MINUTE({Start time})))/60)+((DAY({End time})-DAY({End time}))*24)

It will work across multiple days too, but not across calendar months…



You can try this formula.
Subtracting time within the same month should work,
but there might be issues when subtracting across months

((DAY({End Time})+(HOUR({End Time})/24)+(MINUTE({End Time})/1440))-(DAY({Start Time})+(HOUR({Start Time})/24)+(MINUTE({Start Time})/1440)))*24