Error with IF formula


I have a table with 5 columns : A, B, C are columns with values, whereas D and E are formulas.
D formula is
and E formula is :
IF(({A} = 0), 0, ({D}/{A}))

What I dont understand is when A equals 0, the E column returns an error “Impossible to divide by 0”. Shouldn’t it print 0 ? Why is it still trying to do D / A ?


The answer is in one of the monday formulas videos I did… Don’t remember which one. :grin:

The short answer is to use one of these:

IF(({A} = 0), 0, DIVIDE({D}, {A}))


IF(({A} = 0), 0, ({D}/IF({A}=0, 1, {A})))

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Thanks for the help @JCorrell , my problem is solved. This a bit strange to evaluate everything in the formula but at least I’m aware of this now.
I think you were talking about this video btw :smile:

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