Removing Divide By Zero Errors within a Custom Formula Column

Hi, I’m a new Monday user and I was hoping to get some help on a custom formula column i have on a table.
For context, I am trying to display an average cost per lead for my Facebook Ads, I am using Supermetrics Campaign Reporting.

I have data in Total Spent Column.
I have data in Results Column.

I have a column i created which i have called 'Cost Per Result which is made by using the following formula:

“£” & TEXT({Total Spent (GBP)}/{Results}, “#,##0.00”)

Thanks to the members that have helped with the string to allow me to add the £ symbol.

Some of the Rows in my Results column have 0 so my Cost Per Results Column is displaying an error. Is there something i can do to my Cost Per Results formula that will make it display a 0 if 0 exists in the Result Column?

Hope that makes sense, I’m still learning!

Hey @ChrisC - you could try wrapping it in an IF statement:

IF({Results} > 0, “£” & TEXT({Total Spent (GBP)}/{Results}, “#,##0.00”), “”)


Unfortunately that hasn’t worked but i appreciate the response!


This should work for you:

IF(({Results} + 0) = 0, "",  "£" & TEXT({Total Spent (GBP)} / 
   IF(({Results} + 0) = 0, 1, {Results}), "#,##0.00"))

Jim - The Monday Man
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That worked! thank you!